Under the Free Terminal brand, we offer payment terminals as part of the “Polska Bezgotówkowa” campaign. Additionally, we have created a unique offer for other companies that are not covered by the Non-cash Payment Support Program.


We provide electronic sales solutions in the form of payment terminals with a comprehensive range of services: pre-paid top-ups, bill payment, credit card payment, customer loyalty solutions, billing systems.


A comprehensive package of financial services available in more than 240 facilities: domestic and international payment transfers, payment of household bills, setting up a pyment account, purchase of insurance granting cash loans.


The Local-Government Loyalty Program is a comprehensive system for local governments: improving communication with residents, supporting self-government activities, introducing facilities for residents and increasing economic growth in the region. The first local government that implemented the Local-Government Loyalty Program operating on the basis of the Resident Card was the City of Częstochowa.


LEW Group is the majority shareholder of mPay S.A.- a leading Polish supplier of m-payments solutions. The company creates and develops innovative instruments for financial transactions using mobile devices. The functionalities of the application include, among others, payment for public transport tickets, payment for parking, billpayment.


Doladowania.pl service and connected with it a mobile application allow to purchase top-ups for pre-paid mobiles as well as top-ups for games, e.g.: Xbox or Playstation online; comfortably, safely and quickly.