Governing Body

Andrzej Basiak

President of the Management Board

Janusz Sobczyk

Member of the Board


Andrzej Basiak sets up LEW company.

The company starts operating as the official agent of PTC Sp.o.o. – ERA mobile operator; winning in a short time position as the leading agent of the network.

LEW Group Sp. z o.o. is formed and takes over an Agent Agreement with PTC. The company create LEW network of sales which takes 3rd place in the ranking of agents PTC (in  2000 and 2001), reaching the highest selling products and services on a per point of sale. The key to achieving this performance include successful promotional campaigns carried out among customers and perfectly working team.

The company creates a network of 30 authorized points of sale for ERA, mostly in southern and central Poland. Acting as an agent of PTC company gets rich trading experience and has developed a strong position in the market for mobile products, both in the postpaid and pre-paid systems.

The company concludes an agency agreement with PTC and sells out the salepoints network. At the same time, the Company resigns from sales of subscription and starts operating as a nationwide distributor of pre-paid products. The firm starts electronic sale of pre-paid through terminals and at the same time is building own sale network Halo Power.

Thanks to a positive cooperation with business partners, LEW Group develops own IT systems and create network of terminals’ points of sale. At the end of the year, the Company expands its business  introducing the acceptance of card payment via terminals. It is possible by signing a contract with the center of the card acceptance CardPoint SA

This year is an intensive development of the sales network, which covers more than 1 800 active terminals. The development of network is the highest priority of the Group LEW, that is why the company builds a partnership with large wholesalers.

LEW Group has a very good position in the market and MCI Management is interested in investing in the company. The negotiations are successful, MCI Management becomes an investor and thus shareholder in the LEW Group. Thanks to the investment, the Company has introduced a number of investment activities and reaches 3 500 terminals at the end of the year.

The popularity of the electronic system sales causes the growing saturation of the market and LEW Group continues to develop its network. A brand Dobry Punkt is introduced and becomes a symbol of the availability of all services through one terminal. The year ends with the result of more than 5 500 terminals introduced to the market.

The company introduces new services and develops the network. At the end of 2009, we have more than 7 500 terminals, which offer following services: top-ups, acceptance of credit and debit cards and billpayment.

LEW Group is implementing its own innovative sale transaction processing systems and extracts in its structure two departments: Helpdesk and Customer Retention Department.

The company focuses on the development of the market by investing in the professional sales structures. What is more, the company mplements an innovative system of accounting and commercial.

LEW Group operates nearly 11 000 terminals. A new service is introduced: loyalty programs for retail outlets based on terminals. In the same year, the company carried out the first implementation of loyalty programs with their clients.

LEW Group SA obtains the status of the National Paying Authority (KIP) and becomes the majority shareholder of mPay SA.

LEW Group introduces loyalty programme for its clients: Dobry Punkt Program Bonusowy.

The company starts to work on Multi-Partner Sale Promotion Program.

LEW Group introduces first non-banking account- miniBill.

Let’s get acquainted – Grupa LEW S.A.

Corporate Governance

Financial Supervisory Commission has developed a document entitled “Principles of Corporate Governance for Supervised Institutions”. This document is a form of the supervisory for the proper functioning of the financial market. It also functions as an educational and information about financial market.

LEW Group SA attaches great importance to the issue of compliance, the legal and financial security, seeking to use the Principles of Corporate Governance as far as possible  Given the above, LEW Group SA adopted the Corporate Governance with the exception of the rules concerning the separation of the ownership from management.

The document is available to download on Komisja Nadzoru Finansowego website.


POIG 8.2 Project

Information about the project conducted by LEW Group SA.

The project financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy.
LEW Group SA is conducting a project “The implementation of B2B system to automate support of business partners and the introduction of new services in the SaaS formula” which is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy.

Design Category: “Integrated IT system”

The project consists in creating and implementing a modern B2B system according to the author’s concept of the Applicant , used to integrate and automate business processes between Group LEW and business partners in the sales area. Within the B2B system, new solutions to sell top-ups online and offline will be implemented via:

  • mobile application for mobile devices with Android, IOS, Windows,
  • cash system using a special library for top-ups, thanks to which partner will be able to integrate its system with the cash system of the LEW Group SA,
  • banner which can be placed anywhere on the website partner to sell a top-up via partners’ online sale service,
  • direct integration of the partners’ sales system with LEW Group SA sales system through a special API.

The following aspects of investment are in line with the substantive criteria:

  • project involves the cooperation with national scope,
  • project implementeds Green IT solutions through the purchase of fixed assets to optimize the energy efficiency of B2B system,
  • project foresees the implementation of four services in the formula of Software – as-a -Service,
  • project shows high economic efficiency.

Scope of the project: Poland
Target market: Poland
The value of the grant: 358 851,43 zł.